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LA JOLIE L.L.C is a company in dubai. LA JOLIE is committed to protecting your privacy.

Applies from – January 2023

These terms will apply to the purchase of products through the site from LA JOLIE L.L.C 035383884, Address - Al-Salam St., PO Box 4145 Tira, Israel Zip Code 4491500, Tel. 0544831441/0,

General Site Regulation


  • LA JOLIE L.L.C is a company Dubai/UAE that engages in marketing, import and exporting of any kind of products (e- commerce, general tradingand health consultancies).

  • The Privacy Policy as set forth hereafter shall apply to use of the LA JOLIE SHOP Site or any Site that will replace it or be added to it.

  • LA JOLIE respects the privacy of site users. This Privacy Policy document will inform you aboutLA JOLIE'S Privacy Policy in respect to the Site.

  • This policy aims to explain what LA JOLIE'S practices are in relation to the privacy of the site users. It indicates the type of information collected on the site, how to use this information and with whom we may share it. Our Privacy Policy also describes the measures we take to secure the information and how to access, change, and delete your personal information. It also explains how you can object the processing of your personal information or receive notices about our products and services.

  • Our privacy policy is an integral part of the terms of use of the site and applies to the personally identifiable information provided, as part of the personal registration process while using the Services, as well as to the information collected about you while you browse the site.

  • Entrance to and use of the Site, including the contents contained therein and the various services offered therein, are subject to the Terms of Use set forth in the Site and regulate the relationship between LA JOLIE and any surfer and/or viewer and/or user of the Site for any purpose, and/or information found in the Site, directly or indirectly.

  • Use of the LA JOLIE Site indicates your agreement to these terms and, therefore, you are requested to read the Terms of Use carefully. If you do not agree to these terms, please refrain from any use of the Site.

  • In this policy, the term "personal information" means any information that can reasonably to identify you, including your first name, last name, address, your telephone number, etc.

  • LA JOLIE reserves the right to prevent the site services from a surfer or user who violates any of the Terms of Use. Furthermore, LA JOLIE reserves the right to remove or cancel any content or action that was performed by a user how constitutes a violation of any term of the Terms of Use or the law or in general.

  • The "content" term includes any kind of information; textual, visual, audio content, design, processing, editing, distribution and presentation, including: picture, photograph, drawing, animation, simulation, video, chart, figure, sound file, musical file, software file, computer code, application, protocol, database and interface, tag, icon etc. 

  •  LA JOLIE makes great efforts to protect information integrity and information security. The collection and confidentiality of the information is done in a secure environment, while LA JOLIE uses a combination of security technologies, including protecting the site with technological means and security procedures to protect the information from unauthorized access and / or use and / or exposure to third parties

  • LA JOLIE will be entitled to send you an occasional advertisement by email according to your consent.

  • LA JOLIE may use the information you provide on the Site - for the purpose of improving the Services in the Site, to fulfill your requests after given your permission, to publish relevant publications, to conduct or support campaigns for the purpose of analysis and delivery statistical information to third parties. Such third parties as mentioned and/or their employees and/or anyone on their behalf are prohibited from using this personal information for any other purpose, except for the provisions in this section above. 

  • Policy regarding minors: If you are under the age of 18, you may surf our Site, but you may not provide us with your personal details. This Site is not intended for minors under the age of 18 years and we do not knowingly collect personal information from minors under the age of 18. If we become aware that we have received personal information by mistake from a surfer who is under the age of 18, we will act to delete this information from the system. 


The Information Collected, the Manner of Collecting and Processing Data


  • When using the Site services, “personal information” about you is collected, which was knowingly provided by you. This information personally identifies you, in other words your name, identity no./ passport no., your address, age, gender and the means of payment that you use.

  • In addition to the personal information accumulated on the LA JOLIE website about you, LA JOLIE will collect non-personal information used for statistical purposes - about your practices on the site, including content you created or uploaded to the site, information or advertisements you read, the pages you viewed, the services you were interested in, your computer location and data IP address) through which you enter the site and more. This information is for electronic statistical use which is done using cookies. 

  • In addition, LA JOLIEmay collect and use the services of third parties in order to collect and analyze anonymous, statistical, or aggregative information in connection with the use of the Site, including information relating to your details and your activity on the Site.

  • LA JOLIE reserves the right to integrate and use Facebook, Instagram / YouTube / Google advertising, display and remarketing services that use Cookies or other means.

  • When you visit our Site, additional data is collected automatically for the purpose of providing service, mailing and reviews respectively.

  • By agreeing to the Site's Terms of Use, you also consent to the automatic documentation of all the information received from your browser, including your IP address and all pages you have visited, and that such documentation will be made for the purpose of contacting you.

  • LA JOLIE may use the information you provide for sending notices to you, including, advertising, information about events and products, cosmetic advice, promotions, etc. LA JOLIE will also use your personal information to send products to you if you purchase them through the Site.

  • The Site contains links that direct to other websites. 

    LA JOLIE makes an effort to link to websites that to the best of its knowledge do not infringe the privacy of the users. sole responsibility.

  • If you choose to give your cell phone number, LA JOLIE will be entitled to transmit text messages to you containing, inter alia, information about events, products, cosmetic consultation, promotions, etc.

  • LA JOLIE shall be entitled to send marketing and/or advertising material to you through the e-mail address provided by you, including the daily / weekly email, unless you give written notice to LA JOLIE that you no longer wish to do so. If you wish to stop receiving such e-mails, you may turn to LA JOLIE customer service department and request to remove you from the distribution list.

  • LA JOLIE may use your statistical personal information to provide you with personalized service, site use and to offer you products according to your preferences.

  • The use of personal information, as well as the information you provide during the registration process to the Site, will only be done in accordance with this Privacy Policy or under the provisions of any law, for the following purposes to:

    • allow use various site services, such as (but not limited to) various campaigns and activities proposed from time to time on the Site.​

    • improve and enrich the services and content offered on the site. LA JOLIE will use the information for statistical purposes, which does not personally identify you. To identify you during repeated entries into areas where registration is required and to save you from entering your information each time.

    • create personal areas on the Site that can accommodate your preferences.

    • purchase products and services on the Site.

    • match the advertisements Site to your areas of interest. The information used by LA JOLIE for this purpose will not identify you personally by name or address.

    • LA JOLIE is permitted to send you marketing and advertising information. You may stop receiving such information.

    • contact you.

    • For any other purpose specified in this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use of any of the relevant services on the LA JOLIE Site.

  • The data will be used for statistical information and non-personally identifiable.


What are Your Rights Regarding Your Information?



  • At any time, you have the right to receive information regarding your personal data stored by LA JOLIE. LA JOLIE allows its customers to access, correct, transfer and delete their data, all as detailed below. 

  • The right to review the information: You are entitled to review the personal data. If after your review of the personal data you find that it is incorrect, incomplete, not clear or not up-to-date, you may contact LA JOLIE with a request to amend or delete the information.

  • In addition, if the information on the LA JOLIE Site is used for personally contacting you, based on your affiliation with a population group, determined by one or more characteristics of persons whose names are included on the Site ("applying with a commercial offer"), then you are entitled to require in writing that the information relating to you will be deleted from the Site. In this case, LA JOLIE will delete information it needs only for approaching you with commercial offers as mentioned above. Information that LA JOLIE requires for conducting its business – including documenting commercial actions and others that you performed by using LA JOLIE’S Site will continued to be kept in the Site according to law, however it shall no longer be used for approaching you with a commercial offer.

  • If you wish to receive details of any personal data, if at all, collected about you during your visits to the LA JOLIE Site, please contact us. 

  • Cancelling your consent to process data (the right to be deleted / “forgotten”): Processing of personal data is possible only on the basis of your explicit consent or for the purpose of performing the contractual engagement between you and Jolie Monaco for the purchase of products and including third parties such as payment for ordering products.You can cancel an existing consent at any time.

  • Your right to transfer the data: You have the right to receive the data we process on the basis of your consent in a standard and readable format. If you need to transfer the information to another body, it will only be performed if technically possible.

  • LA JOLIE stores your personal data until the delivery of the products you have purchased or until you cancel your registration to the site, whichever is earlier. This decision is made on a case-by-case basis and depends on the data, why they are collected, how they were processed, what is the legal need to preserve them and what are the relevant operational ones.

  • If you choose to cancel your consent to the use of your personal data, we will delete your data from our database and remove you from the mailing list. Please note that if you revoke your consent, we will not be able to provide you with the benefits of LA JOLIE and we will delete your personal information, at your request. If you wish to remove / update personal data, please contact us.


Changes in the Privacy Policy


LA JOLIE may change the terms of the Privacy Policy. In any event of a change in the terms of the Privacy Policy relating to the manner in which the information and details provided by you are used, you will be notified of this by placing an appropriate notice on the Site or by sending an e-mail or this.

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